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Hi, I'm Jess

I'm big on building relationships, exploring new places and ideas, cultivating a sense of curiosity, and enjoying a nice stroll on Saturday mornings.

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"So, like, what's your deal?"

I'm a content strategist and community manager. Other labels may apply: content manager, content marketing specialist, brand manager, digital content specialist, media strategist, community engagement manager, communications strategist... take your pick.

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But I'm more than just a job title

I've spent several years building a robust skillset and a career that aligns with my passions. I specialize in systems design, employee and consumer brand advocacy, employer branding, writing, and editing.

Ultimately, I'm driven by a desire to create valuable connections and communities so people feel welcome and capable of thriving in their environments, whether online or in person. I'm like Emma Woodhouse or Cher Horowitz, but with an Instagram account.

The proof is in the pudding PDFs

I've done some pretty great work, like growing a startup's brand presence as their 10th employee, planning conferences for thousands of people, connecting tech companies with top talent, and building a thriving community from the ground up.

I'm on the hunt for new connections, exciting stories, and the best pastries in Philly.

Here's my resume — the deets, if you will.

For something a bit meatier, check out my portfolio.

Like what you see? Please get in touch.

For the record, my favorite pastries are pain suisse, chouquettes and madeleines.

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